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Project Description :
Demon Buddy Plugin which handle all aspect of program:
- Looting
- Combat
- Vendor run
- Xml Profile Tag


Ultinate Plugin is a plugin that replaces and improves many features in DemonBuddy. It replaces the entire of combat, avoidance, all item handling (both picking items up and deciding what to loot or not loot), all world object handling (shrines, containers, destructibles), and the entire of DB's town-run routine (the routine that stashes, salvages, sells, and repairs items when your backpack is full). Everything has been created from Unified Trinity, and has been designed to improve DemonBuddy's intelligence throughout, add more automation, reduce stuck chances, make parts of the bot seem more "human-like", reduce the amount of work you have to do yourself configuring the bot or sorting through your items, and more. It combines, replaces, and completely re-writes Unified Trinity, changes how they work behind-the-scenes, fixes many issues with them and generally improves them. As everything is combined, I am able to allow decision making to pick items up mid-combat if items drop nearby, run to shrines instead of monsters if a shrine is close, wait out of avoidance stuff until it vanishes before looting items inside, etc.

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